About me and my illustrations & photos

My name is Goran Djokovic and I deal with photography and image creation since always. However I deal with photography as a hobby.
Nowadays I’m basically a freelancer and free-photographer and I mainly work from Serbia.

My main preoccupation is making illustrations and processing in Photoshop. In addition, I create vector images in adobe illustrator.

I hope you can appreciate my images.

All the images and photos that you can see on my web page, are made by me.


Recent Jobs

2012 – now

Illustrator & Photographer & Webmaster

I am currently working on thematic illustrations that describe situations from everyday life in a simple way. As a freelance photographer, I use every opportunity to take an interesting photo.

Which kind of images I do

In addition to the thematic illustrations I described above, as a freelance photographer I also photograph the following:

Nature photos
Landscape photos
Photos of objects
Photos of animals